Eurotec Oy Ltd. (Established in 1988) is a distributor for European high quality machinery for woodworking and plastics.  Our principals can be viewed by clicking “Yhteistyökumppanit” -text (= Partners) on the front page.  Eurotec’s product portfolio consists mainly of the following:

  • Automated warehouse systems for panel stocks (Grundner GmbH)
  • Assembling tables for housing elements (Soukup s.r.o.)
  • CNC-machine tools; 3-, 4- or 5-axes routing machines, tenoning machines, special lathes for woodworking etc. (AlbertiEngineering S.R.L.,  CMS/Balestrini SpA, CosmecTechnology S.r.l, GH-Tec GmbH, Masterwood SpA, Pertici Industries and Soukup s.r.o.)
  • Dedusters and Jet Filters (Fanmet Oy, Ltd, Nestro Lufttechnik GmbH)
  • Fans (Fanmet Oy, Ltd., Nestro Lufttechnik GmbH)
  • Dehumidifiers for kilns (Parmatam BV)
  • Edge banding machines and lines (Bi-matic, PaulOTT GmbH)
  • Hydraulic presses (Sormec2000 S.R.L.)
  • Saws: beam saws, cross-cutting saws, package saws, panel saws (Masterwood SpA, Stromab Spa, Prinz GmbH, Casolin G&C snc)
  • Shredders (Rössler, Votecs)
  • Tenoning machines (Soukup s.r.o.)

Eurotec’s after sales provides full technical services in collaboration with principals’ service division.